Big Weekend

Friday night our church had their second annual Fall Family Frenzy. Thousands showed up to trunk-or-treat, climb a climbing wall, play games, eat free food, win prizes and much more. Chris was the “MC” and I helped pass out  fliers and free cookies for MOPS, so Oliver enjoyed most of the evening in the stroller.  It was fun for him to see his cousins, aunts and uncles and Mamaw and Papaw there. I loved him in his little frog costume that I borrowed from a friend.




The next day we drove to Ohio for my sisters wedding shower but first Oliver had his first trick or treating experience. I took him in a wagon to three houses in his soon to be uncle’s neighborhood. The adults dressed up too for the big night.



The next day Susan was showered at an amazing luncheon hosted by our family friends. It was great to be able to celebrate her and anticipate the big day in less than 3 weeks. My sister is so BEAUTIFUL and photogenic so I can’t wait to see pictures taken on her wedding day.




DSC_0257Susan & Jose’s daughter, Gabby



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