Burlap & Canvas Curtains

I finally finished my family room curtains and curtain rods. I feel like I’ve spent months trying to figure out what I was going to do, then how I was going to it and then doing it! The four windows attached by a corner was the biggest challenge on a tight budget so I decided to make my own rods too.

Here is how I did it:


Rods- Home Depot sells 1 1/4 inch dowel rods by the foot. So, I had 4 rods cut by the staff at HD and spent approx. $1.40/ foot. I bought the corner attachment from the JC Penny Catalog for $9 and had it shipped to the store. When I went to pick that up, I found 3 sets of finials for $6 each (originally $24). My biggest problem was finding inexpensive brackets that would hold 1 1/4 inch rods. So, I found 3 sets of sconces at Ross for $4 each that would hold the rods. Then everything was painted white. When it came time to hang the rods up on Saturday, my husband and I realized that the sconces wouldn’t hang the rod far out enough from the wall because of the finial. So, I headed to Lowes and spent $30 on 8 white wooden brackets. This was more than I wanted to spend but it actually looks a lot better. Now I need to find places to use the sconces.


Curtains: I bought all my fabric at Jo Ann’s. I love this store because you NEVER have to pay full prices with all the sales and coupons. I had to make 9 panels so I bought 1 bolt plus approx. 3 yards of burlap. The burlap was very difficult to work with so I ended up trimming it with canvas. To make the tabs I bought 3 rolls of Jute ribbon that matched the burlap perfectly. This was much easier than trying to sew tabs out of the burlap or canvas (both difficult fabrics to work with). Making your own rods and curtains saves at TON of money but it doesn’t save time but I know it was still worth it.

So, the curtains are now hung and our room looks different. It smells a lot different too….but I’m hoping that will go away. Burlap is a perfect casual and comfortable look for our house and it fits our budget too.





One Response to “Burlap & Canvas Curtains”

  1. Katie, they look great! Can’t say I would take on that project but I applaud you for doing it and succeeding! Can’t wait to see you in two weeks!

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