Our BIG trip to TEXAS (Part I)

Oliver, my Dad and I went on a very long adventure to Texas to visit our family farm, my aunt and my best friend and her family. I say long because we were gone for 10 days but 3 of those days were spent driving. Driving? Yes, we drove the 14 hour trip with a 14 month old BUT he did amazingly great.

The trip started at our family farm house in Marlin, TX outside of Waco. It was here that Oliver got to experience Texas BBQ (beef brisket & sausage), a 4 wheeler ride, fishing, being up close and personal with cows, close calls with fire ants, I’m sure close calls with rat poison (we just crossed our fingers there weren’t any traces left on the floor), meeting more family and the enjoyment of one of my Dad’s old toys.



Using the solar dryer

Using the solar dryer

This is my Dad, Oliver and Great Aunt Ruby (my Granddaddy’s sister). Oliver is wearing my Dads old outfit which Aunt Ruby remembered sewing in Home Economics class in High School approximately 67 years ago! How cool is that?


This is one of the many man made “tanks” on the property for the cows. It was a beautiful morning for fishing.




My BIG catch. We threw both back of course.

My BIG catch. We threw both back of course.



One Response to “Our BIG trip to TEXAS (Part I)”

  1. katie, this is so fun. i’m so glad you were able to go and visit family and they got to love on you and oliver! the farm is BEAUTIFUL! love love your pics and you have GOT to blow up the one of the pond…unbelievable. seriously that’s gorgeous!

    and you look so cute with the fish! ha!

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