The Icing Was……blue

We cut the cake tonight and the icing was blue. So, we’re having another boy! I’m so excited that Oliver is going to have a new best friend. The evening was so exciting and special.


Oliver started crying as soon as the cheering began. Poor thing was traumatized as you can see below.




3 Responses to “The Icing Was……blue”

  1. Katie Jessen Says:

    We were so excited to share the cake cutting with you tonight through Skype. It’s wonderful that Oliver will have a little brother and we know they will be best friends forever! The “on-site” crowd got a little rowdy once the knife came out blue, so it’s no wonder Oliver got a little traumatized! But even so, we know he enjoyed all the excitement. Congratulations to you all.
    Love, Grandpa and Grammy

  2. Congrats! Two boys, so exciting. You are right, they will be best friends.

  3. Kerry Drummond Says:

    I am so excited for you guys!!! Oliver will love having a little brother to play with and push around! It will be fun to grow up with a brother so close in age! Now baby girl Drummond can have her first boyfriend!

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