Great Grandparents

Last week, we took a trip to “the busiest community in northeast Nebraska,” Bloomfield. We had a wonderful time visiting Grandpa & Grandma Jessen, Uncle Dan, cousins and second cousins. It was such a special time with G & G Jessen because they got to meet their great grandchild for the first time and since we don’t seem them very often, we spent as much quality time together as possible. Grandma is a great cook and baker and I couldn’t resist any of her delicious desserts. In fact, I think I gained all my pregnancy weight in one week because of it. Oliver got to try a lot of new things this trip (mostly foods but other things as well).  I think he’s going to take after his mom and love desserts….this week spoiled him a little but that’s to be expected at the grands house.

His first plane ride was not as easy as we had imagined. Not that he was horrible, but just not like his normal easy self. The next morning I noticed that a new tooth had emerged on the bottom row in his mouth and another one on the top was coming through. Thankfully after the few two days, G & G got to meet the “real” Oliver.

First plane ride

First plane ride

The boys fell asleep

The boys fell asleep

Gettin a little stretch in during our layover

Gettin a little stretch in during our layover

Proud Great Grandpa

Proud Great Grandpa

Getting a little play time after dinner. Chris would put Oliver in the grass but he kept wanting to go back to the sidewalk and bear crawl.


I got to live in the sixties for a bit.  Forgetting my hairdryer was the best thing I could have done, otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to experience this!


Second cousins: Oliver and Jake. What would a play time be without sharing a sucker?DSC_0545

More after dinner play time. Grandpa Great taught Oliver how to climb the front two steps.


Traveling to Yankton, South Dakota for lunch (or dinner as they call it) and a little Wal-Mart action. There is a small country market in their town but every couple of weeks they’ll drive to S. Dakota for more groceries. Later we traveled back into Nebraska over the dam and visited Uncle Dan in his beautiful home that overlooks the lake. Who would have thought Nebraska is hilly?



Enjoying the beautiful afternoon in the back yard. Oliver is wearing his “Oliver” tractor shirt. Too bad they don’t make those anymore, otherwise I’m sure we would have seen them. Oliver couldn’t figure out why Grandpa’s ear was buzzing.



The wind is always blowing in Nebraska so you see windmills everywhere. The government has actually built these huge ones on farmland to create energy….they are massive.


We played a lot of cards and games. Oliver was over it so he decided he would play with the DVD player. By the second day of telling him, “no touch”, G & G let him do it. Every time he would press the eject button and then push the tray back in. So smart.



This is the barn where Grandma grew up. Her brother and his wife live their now. We were able to chat with them for a minute and then it started raining out of nowhere. I snapped this picture before we jumped back in the car. Unfortunately, so did 12 or more flies. Luckily, they keep a fly swatter in the car so this kept us busy for the rest of the car ride back to Yankton, South Dakota. It was comical and gross at the same time.



Oliver sat on his first John Deere mower with Daddy.


Our last morning before heading home.



Thanks Grandpa & Grandma for an unforgettable trip to your home. We love you both very much!



One Response to “Great Grandparents”

  1. There are so many great things about this post! What do they even call those things? It looks like a space ship that lands on your head to dry your hair! A fly swatter in the car & dinner in the afternoon–I love it! Clay’s Granny has the same eating patterns. I guess that’s just the way it goes. I’m glad you got to do this, what a special trip!

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