Boy or Girl???

We’ve decided to find out if we’re having a boy or girl. Our big ultrasound is August 28th. We have to make it a little interesting, so we plan to have the tech write it down and then  seal it in an envelope. I’ll then give the envelope to my neighbor so that she can decorate the inside of a cake for us blue or pink.  Later that night our family and friends will be with us to find out when we cut into the cake. My good friend Natalie just did this a few months ago and loved it. I’m a big fan of dessert but there hasn’t been another dessert I’ve dreamed more about 🙂

Don’t worry…I’ll let you know.

Here is a picture of Oliver in a tutu. I can just picture what our girl would look like can’t you? There aren’t many things that upset Chris but things like this do…I LOVE IT.



One Response to “Boy or Girl???”

  1. chrisjessen Says:

    I’m going to dress up our future daughter in army fatigues her name will be Pat

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