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Big Brother

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Chris and I praise God for blessing us with another baby!!!! We decided after Oliver was born to just let it happen in Gods timing.  So, His timing is, January 23, 2010 (17 1/2 months after Oliver was born). We know that it will have it’s challenges but we’re also excited about our kids being best friends.

The past 13 weeks have been great other than the normal exhaustion. I’m very thankful to be one of the small percentage of woman who doesn’t get sick during her first trimester.  My energy is coming back and my baby bump is starting to show.  I’m wanting my belly to get bigger because that means our baby is growing!

As many of you know, we decided to not find out if Oliver was a boy or girl until delivery and LOVED every minute of it. There is a part of me that would love to do that again but there is another part of me that would like to find out during our ultrasound on Aug. 28th. My doctor told me today that we’re an unusual couple in the sense that the male is usually the one that wants to find out (if only one spouse does) and we are opposite.

We’re excited to share our exciting news with you and if you think of us, please pray for our little lady or little man growing inside me! Thanks.


Independence Day

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This was a very special weekend because for the first time in 3 years, Chris wasn’t out of the country on the 4th of July. We had a fun filled weekend with family, friends, swimming, fireworks and a parade.


DSC_0271Watching fireworks on Friday night at Two Rivers Church while enjoying a blue shaved ice.

DSC_0294Getting ready to watch the Farragut parade on Saturday morning. Before this we joined the Teagues for their annual tradition of eating at Waffle House on the 4th. So many firsts for Oliver this weekend. I’m sure he would say eating at Waffle House was his favorite.

DSC_0310Oliver became a Knox County Deputy Sheriff. We are such proud parents.

DSC_0326Showing his patriatism already

DSC_0002Later we went to the pool and enjoyed splashing.  We’ll definitely take swimming lessons next summer.

DSC_0023Giving Mamaw kisses

DSC_0029Cousins enjoying treats

DSC_0034Next we went to Mamaw’s & Papaw’s for a delicious dinner and friendly competition. Unfortunately Chris and I didn’t win.

Uncle JJ later put on his annual fireworks show for the neighborhood and wowed everyone. By the end of the weekend we were exhausted but it was a blast. Thanks Mamaw & Papaw for hosting a fun day at the pool and cookout at your home!