Slipcovered Lampshade

I found a lampshade at a garage sale for $1 but it looked better in my friends house so we traded. I decided to give this shade a little interest for my craft table….loving the funky fabric for constant inspiration….





Materials needed:   Lampshade, Fabric, Elastic, Sewing Machine, Iron

1. Fold over top edge of fabric and press with hot iron. Gradually sew elastic into crease without sewing onto the elastic.

2. Sew two edges together, right sides together (stop before crossing over elastic).

3. Pull elastic and test on shade to ensure it fits.

4. Sew the remaining edges and cross over elastic to hold  into place

5. Place on shade…now you have a new look.

* Notice I didn’t hem the bottom edge because I’m loving the torn look lately.


3 Responses to “Slipcovered Lampshade”

  1. i would have never thought to do this. super cute. love the paint and love the shade.

  2. oh and i LOVE the fabic!

    • katiejessen Says:

      Thanks Olivia. Gina’s Bernina has the best quilting fabrics that I use for a lot of things. You should check that store out. It’s very overwhelming because there are SO many amazingly cute fabrics.

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