Sewing Projects

My friend Jess let me borrow her nice sewing machine for some projects because I needed one that could make button holes. I love it and don’t want to go back to my back 3 stitch option Singer. If I keep the sewing up, I might be able to justify buying a new machine.

Oliver’s church dedication outfit was the most difficult because this was my first time following a pattern. I paid someone to embroider his initials. He’s going to wear this as much as possible so if you go to 2RC, you’ll be seeing this on him tomorrow for Easter.

This is a cushion for the high chair. It matches our chairs and I’m sure it’s much for comfortable.

These are euro pillow shams I made with leftover fabric from the curtains I made in our bedroom.


This ended up being much smaller than I expected so the little girl I intended it for will be getting something extra special soon….I promise.


This may be one of my favorites. I love the torn edges of leftover fabric sewn randomly on the onesie. I keep every scrap of leftover fabric because I know I’ll use it for something.  



One Response to “Sewing Projects”

  1. i love LOVE love the outfit you made oliver!

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