Our Boy Loves Surprises…just like me

Peek-a-boo is one of O’s favorite games. It doesn’t matter if it’s covering our face or popping up from behind the counter, he loves it. If we add a scary sound and make a crazy face, he loves it even more.

O gets the love of being scared from his Daddy….NOT ME! One time in high school I tried to go through a haunted house with my friends and never made it past the first room. I ended up peeing my pants so much that I got my money back and waited in the van (sitting on a plastic bag) with my friends mom as she read a romance novel.


He also loves to be tickled. I’ve started singing “Itsy-bitsy Spider” with the spider crawling up his body and then tickling him. I really need to start video tapping so that we can remember these precious moments.





One Response to “Our Boy Loves Surprises…just like me”

  1. O is so cute! I think he’s starting to look more like you Katie! Get out the video camera!

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