Homemade Baby Food

I’m making my own baby food and it is not as scary as it sounds. So far, we’ve tried banana, avocado, sweet potatoes and pears. Next is butternut squash. A friend of mine gave me a really great book, “Super Baby Food,” by Ruth Yaron. The book teaches you everything you need to know about feeding your baby and kids homemade.  Ruth states in the book that making your own baby food costs 1/3 of what it would to buy it. WOW, that is amazing and it’s surprisingly easy.

Banana- Peel and mash w/ a fork.  This is the easiest.  

Avocado-  Peel when ripe and puree in blender, food processor or even with a fork.

Pears- Wash, cut in chunks and puree in blender or food processor




Sweet Potatoes- Wash, bake in oven when cooking dinner, peel and puree in blender or food processor


Butternut Squash- Wash, cut in half, clean out seeds, chop, steam for 25 min. and puree in blender or food processor




All of these foods can be frozen. As soon as you puree, fill ice cube trays or baby food storage containers, cover and freeze overnight. Store in good freezer bags. Each ice cube is approx. 1 oz. Pull out amount for feeding and enjoy!

This is just the beginning….I’ll post more as I make it.


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