EASY COOKING: Frozen Veggies & Chicken


Kroger brand “Recipe Beginnings” veggies are my friend. I love the chopped onions, green peppers, stir-fry blend and peppers and onions blend. Fresh veggies are great but I find they go bad too fast in my fridge. I just pull them out and saute before adding to dishes.

Another great tip for easy dinner prep is frozen chicken. My friend Katie T. taught me this one. Buy boneless, skinless chicken breast when it’s on sale and boil all of it. Shred it, measure 2 cups, place into plastic sandwich bags, freeze.


I have dinner almost done because of these tips. This morning at the dentist I saw a recipe for chicken and rice in the Feb. Southern Living Magazine and I had almost all the ingredients at home (including the frozen cooked chicken, peppers and onions). After I go to the grocery store today, I’ll finish the recipe with a bag of cooked yellow rice and monterry jack cheese. So fast and easy.


One Response to “EASY COOKING: Frozen Veggies & Chicken”

  1. Whitney Dee Says:

    My mom and I made that Southern Living recipe and LOVED it. Hope you guys enjoyed it too!

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