There is a negative to cloth diapers

O can sit up while leaning on his hands and only if he’s wearing disposable diapers. Cloth diapers are bulky and a little constrictive so it’s difficult for him to sit up in them.  This picture was taken on Tuesday when our new washing machine had not arrived yet. One solution is to to have him practice during “naked time.” Sound shady? It’s not!  My friend Ashley told me about this a while ago and we decided to try it a couple of weeks ago for the first time. Before bath, I lay a sheet down on the floor of his room and let O roll around naked and he LOVES it! I often find myself yelling, “FREEDOM” like William Wallace when I the see the look of complete happiness on his face. Try it out with your kiddos, they may love it too.




One Response to “There is a negative to cloth diapers”

  1. This can NOT be my BABY nephew sitting up! Being naked may be a boy thing. Caleb loves to run around in his underwear & he would have them off if I would let him. The clothes come off as soon as he gets home.

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