Fussiness, screaming, snotty nose, gnawing on everything, pink cheeks, waking every 2 hours……please, please please.























5 Responses to “Teething???”

  1. Love those pics, Katie!

  2. Looks great Katie! I’m so glad you decided to create a space of your own 🙂 Caroline loves seeing pictures of “Wover” she adores him. She actually looked out the window to see if he was coming over and said,”where’s wover?”

    She’s got a bad cold, and is not sleeping well because it’s hard to breathe, so I feel your pain about the no sleep thing.

  3. Suzanne Stafford Says:

    Hey! Great pics of Oliver!!! It’s nice you’ve started your own blog. I hope Oliver’s teeth come through soon for his sake and for yours! Sorry to hear your washer broke down, but the new one will be great! Looking forward to hearing more and keeping up w/ You, Chris and Oliver! xoxo

  4. Donna Blythe Says:

    Thanks for sharing the pics of Oliver. He is so cute! I remember the teething pains well (for babies and for mommy). I know how you feel about the washer, we just had to buy a new one a few weeks ago too! I wash 2-4 loads a day and went two weeks w/o one till I found the one I wanted! Take care!

  5. Jessica Tilzer Says:

    That looks like my husband 😉

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