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Eating & Sleeping

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We’re giving rice cereal another try after taking a break for a few weeks. I don’t think he’s ingesting any of it but I’ll keep trying.




O loved snuggling in the sling today and fell asleep twice.


He’s sleeping through the night again. I’m cutting back on my dairy intake and it is working. At least that’s what works now!


EASY COOKING: Frozen Veggies & Chicken

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Kroger brand “Recipe Beginnings” veggies are my friend. I love the chopped onions, green peppers, stir-fry blend and peppers and onions blend. Fresh veggies are great but I find they go bad too fast in my fridge. I just pull them out and saute before adding to dishes.

Another great tip for easy dinner prep is frozen chicken. My friend Katie T. taught me this one. Buy boneless, skinless chicken breast when it’s on sale and boil all of it. Shred it, measure 2 cups, place into plastic sandwich bags, freeze.


I have dinner almost done because of these tips. This morning at the dentist I saw a recipe for chicken and rice in the Feb. Southern Living Magazine and I had almost all the ingredients at home (including the frozen cooked chicken, peppers and onions). After I go to the grocery store today, I’ll finish the recipe with a bag of cooked yellow rice and monterry jack cheese. So fast and easy.

Walking Our Babies

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My sweet friend and neighbor and I took our babies for a walk today. This was O’s first time sitting up in the stroller.


I love your outfit Annie!

I love your outfit Annie!

Hiding behind my legs while waiting for a neighbor boy to come outside

Hiding behind my legs while waiting for a neighbor boy to come outside

She was SOOOO excited!

She was SOOOO excited!


There is a negative to cloth diapers

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O can sit up while leaning on his hands and only if he’s wearing disposable diapers. Cloth diapers are bulky and a little constrictive so it’s difficult for him to sit up in them.  This picture was taken on Tuesday when our new washing machine had not arrived yet. One solution is to to have him practice during “naked time.” Sound shady? It’s not!  My friend Ashley told me about this a while ago and we decided to try it a couple of weeks ago for the first time. Before bath, I lay a sheet down on the floor of his room and let O roll around naked and he LOVES it! I often find myself yelling, “FREEDOM” like William Wallace when I the see the look of complete happiness on his face. Try it out with your kiddos, they may love it too.



Breaks = Better Wife & Mother

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I realized last week that I really need breaks to be a better mother and wife. After thinking about how that can happen, I decided to ask for help. My neighbor Carmen always offers to play with O so I took her up on it on Wednesday. She kept him at her house for a couple hours so I could be home alone to enjoy crafting. During that time, I sewed curtains for my craft bookshelves. On Thursday, my mother-in-law offered to keep O for the WHOLE day. I had a wonderful lunch with my friends and then went to the gym before I picked up O. That was a huge blessing so thanks Kathy! This morning my sweet husband took care of our son so that I could go to Pilates (my favorite). After Pilates I dropped off this cake I made for my friend Lori.  She has been wonderful to purchase 3 cakes from me lately. Thanks for the business and referrals Lori! Here are some pictures of my projects.


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Fussiness, screaming, snotty nose, gnawing on everything, pink cheeks, waking every 2 hours……please, please please.























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This afternoon I felt like Ariel from The Little Mermaid when I began singing “AwwwAwwwAwww.”  Last Friday night I noticed our Kenmore Ultra Care 20 Series Model 110 washing machine wasn’t working right when the spin cycle stopped. With a little love and tinkering, I got it to spin one final time. Chris’ parents gave us this hand me down when we got married 2 1/2 years ago. It had been used by them and then Chris’ sister and her husband for a while and then us. Since I do more laundry now with our growing family and use of cloth diapers, we decided to take the plunge and purchase a new washing machine. After a lot of research, we chose this beaut, Whirlpool 700 with 4.0 cu ft. Now we just hope and pray it works great and will last for many many years.

The Old

The Old

The New

The New